Separating Men and Women

While the basics of losing weight applies to every living human, there are some things that need to be compartmentalized when it comes to the sexes. This is mainly because men and women lose weight at different rates and some of the methods that exist work better for men while other methods work better for women. In other words, while weight loss as a whole is the same for everyone, its several aspects are different depending on who it is that is trying to lose weight.

Then it comes to losing weight for women, there is usually a greater emphasis placed on a more calorie restrictive diet and lighter exercise than on heavier exercise and a not so restrictive diet for men. That is because men with their generally greater muscle strength respond better to heavier weights and greater resistance training than women. On the other hand women respond better to lighter weights and resistance with more emphasis placed on greater repetitions and aerobic exercises.

That’s not to say that everyone will even fit nicely into these particular pigeon holes as each individual will have their own best ways of working to lose weight.

It is just a given that most men will tend to want to workout harder and strive to lift heavier weights, pump more iron and generally push themselves harder in the physical realms than do most women. Of course, taking it to extremes such as bodybuilding, then women will tend to work just as hard as men with weights and resistance training while also adopting similar high protein, low carb diets to grow muscle mass and cut fat.

But for most people who are not so interested in developing very muscular bodies, it falls back to eating a diet with a relative calorie count that will be different for men and women, while adopting an exercise plan that is tailored to best suit the masculine or feminine physique and work towards achieving the best physical appearance that is suited to the sex. So while the two can overlap and even work with each others’ weight control solutions, there is a difference between the two and accepting and observing the obvious differences will result in the most effective ways of achieving the results that are aimed for.

Why is Weight Loss Not Happening?

Everywhere you look these days, there are news stories about how the obesity epidemic is raging out of control in many societies and not just the United States. It is almost as if the world is taking a fat pill and not bothering to stop the mad rush to eat everything in site while spending all day sitting at a desk then all evening sitting in front of a TV.

With so many really usable tips for weight loss published online and freely available to anyone who really goes looking, it seems almost unbelievable that there is anything like an obesity epidemic. Why is weight loss not happening in our society when there is so much freely available information on how to prevent it?

TV Cookery programs and Ads

One of the first places to look has to be the television and in particular the way that food items are aggressively advertised. You don’t see too many ads for fresh carrots or a nice bunch of bananas!

But you do see plenty of ads for the fast food restaurants that serve up junk hamburgers and fries like it was the best thing on earth. You also see plenty of ads for soda and other sweetened, flavored drinks, along with all manner of processed meals and snacks that your friendly local supermarket has in stock at low prices! The ads make people want to go out and buy that stuff and it may come as no real surprise to learn that those ads work and they work very well indeed.

It has become known through trials and tests that much of the constituents of junk or processed foods are in many ways addictive. It may not be the same kind of addiction that a heroine addict suffers, but when you find something that tastes great to you, you are going to want to eat more of it.


There is some evidence to show that some of the additives such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and others actually trick the brain into wanting to eat more of the food they are in. This sets up a big problem for people who habitually eat junk food as the mainstay of their diet. The food itself causes weight gain, but because they can’t stop eating it, they get fatter and fatter until they are staring at obesity in the mirror.

is there a solution to all of this? Yes there is, but it is not going to happen much before hell freezes over. That’s because the huge industry that is behind all that junk food is not going to take a hike and leave all that money on the table. And a bunch of carrots just ain’t gonna compete with a juicy, fat laden hamburger!

Getting Back to Basics for Losing Weight

The general idea when you come to the decision that it is time to lose some weight is that you should do so in the most simple and straight forward way you can. This makes a lot of sense as it is far easier to follow something that is not complicated and therefore your expectation of success will be far higher when you do not have to fight your way past so many additional strategies that often make the whole process harder and more painstaking than it needs to be.

To that end, there are some basic weight loss tips that strip away all the encumbrances of the complexities and unnecessary extras that seem to have been tacked on to many programs and plans that are supposed to help people to lose weight. These are what you would probably describe as the fundamentals of losing weight, which are eating a healthy, nutritious and low calorie diet in sensible portion sizes coupled with getting the right amount of exercise each day to ensure a decent level of fitness. These two main lines of attack when used in tandem help to boost the body’s metabolism so that you burn more calories than you are consuming and thereby will lose weight as a result.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that, but people try to complicate things by inventing a load of different things that they believe you should also do to help things along. But in reality, as long as you are eating right, getting enough water to aid digestion and keep your body hydrated, which is most important and getting plenty of cardiovascular exercises, then your body will do its job rightly and make sure you get back to the right weight and then maintain that weight.

So really, if you ever feel that you need to make things more complicated than that because for some reason or other you do not think you are losing any weight or not losing it fast enough, you need to look at what you are doing and ask yourself if you are doing it the right way. If you are cheating on your diet by snacking on things you know you should not be snacking on, or are skipping some of your daily exercises, then you should expect to get less than satisfactory results from what you are doing right.

It is all down to you in the end and what you do to get yourself losing weight through motivation. No one else can do that for you, so you have to knuckle down and make sure that what you are doing from a basic viewpoint is right then the rest will follow in time.

Simple Weight Loss Tips for Teens

While the main bulk of the media attention is currently turned on the growing numbers of overweight and obese adults with the weight loss industry hot on its heels to cater for their needs, one equally important group that is falling a little behind in the perceived importance stakes is that of teens. That’s not to say there is a sudden downturn in the number of overweight and obese teens, quite the opposite in fact. Its just that media perception is more focused on adults, especially where the massive increase in surgery procedures undertaken by people desperate to lose weight is concerned.

Teens need to be counted and those that are overweight need to lose some every bit as much as adults. In fact, it could even be more important to make sure the weight is lost when you are in your teens than at any other age because once it goes on, it tends to stay on right through life, or at least gives you the recurring problem of battling against it through out your life. Now that’s certainly something you don’t want and believe me, when you get into your 30s, 40s and beyond, you really do not want to be carrying too much extra weight around with you. That’s because the older you get, the tougher it gets to lose it!

So what are the best and most simple weight loss tips for teens that you can make good use of?

Well, probably the most important tip of all is getting into the mental state of actually wanting to do something about your weight. Because the predominant problem most teens have is lethargy when it comes to doing anything that remotely seems like something you don’t want to do or have to face. Once you can actually see that you really should be doing stuff that will reduce your weight and at the same time tone up your body so that you can get that slender look that should typify teens, then you can take the rest of the advice that freely given here and in other online publications.

Guess what the simplest way to lose weight is for a teen?

Eat a healthy diet and don’t eat too large portions, while drinking plenty of plain water and totally not drinking any soda, juices or sports drinks. Reduce your intake of white bread and foods based around refined white flour, such as pasta, cakes, pastries and cookies. These are the things that pile on empty calories and at the same time make you feel more lethargic, sluggish and drained of energy.

You need to boost your energy levels and you can do that through a change in your diet to include a lot more energy foods, such as the hated green vegetables, fruits, wholewheat breads (if you must have bread), salads (but go easy on the dressings), legumes (peas, beans etc), zucchini and other squashes, high protein foods like lean chicken breast, lean steak, peanuts, walnuts, cranberries and blueberries… the list goes on of all the good stuff you can eat. Its a wonder teens eat so much stuff that is way bad for them when there is so much good stuff to eat!

Once your energy levels come back from being deluged by all the refined white flour products, you might even feel like getting outdoors into the fresh air and doing some sports activities. Remember, getting in the sunshine for half an hour or so every day is very good for you because it boosts your body’s production of vitamin D, which is also linked with weight loss. Just don’t overdo it because too much sun can lead to skin cancer! The natural daylight is also good for boosting your mood as it encourages production of serotonin, the natural feelgood hormone.

And when you feel good, you want to look good, which all ties in together to boost your motivation to eat better and exercise more, which will lead to natural weight loss without any need for expensive products, pills or potions to do it for you (even if they don’t really work)!