Bistro MD Review and Cost Analysis 2015

If you’re looking for an easy diet program that delivers high quality meals to your home this review of Bistro MD might throw a few surprises your way. After all, you want a meal plan that contains food that you’ll enjoy eating or it’s not much point in making the sacrifice to lose weight, is it?

This kind of home delivered meal plan is mainly for people who are too busy or simply do not have enough time to spare to work on a traditional type of dieting strategy. So if you prefer making your own meals and spending time working with a diet sheet and recipes, this is NOT for you!

Convenience with Quality Food

Bistro MD reviews
There are several major diet meal delivery companies around that can provide you with a box full of processed, freeze dried and “just add water” reconstituted meals at a pretty cheap price.

If you don’t mind eating that kind of stuff, then you are probably better off saving yourself some money and opting for one of the cheaper programs like Nutrisystem or Medifast for example.

But if you want the convenience of this kind of program and also want to eat meals that are well prepared, tasty and satisfying, then I can recommend Bistro MD as a perfect match. It’s not just me that is saying this. TV’s own Dr Oz has also given this a glowing recommendation and it was also featured on “the Biggest Loser”, so you’re looking at a well liked, tried and tested program here.

How Does BistroMD Work?

The program is very simple. You sign up via their website (a direct link for that is contained in the advertising banner to the right and in the offer link below), choose which plan you want to work with, customize it to only include the meals you want to eat and then pay.


You order meals in batches of one week (either 5 days with 2 off, or the full 7 days) and you get three meals per day. The meals are all prepared fresh at the company’s kitchens and then frozen before being shipped to your home.

You simply store the meals in your domestic freezer (they don’t take up very much space). When you’re ready, you take each meal (eg breakfast, lunch or dinner with dessert) from the freezer, defrost in a microwave, heat up if necessary and sit down to a great meal that you chose and enjoy!

The meals are low in calories so by sticking to them and not eating a bunch of other things (which is pretty pointless if you’re going to all the trouble to do this program) you will lose weight!

How Much Does BistroMD Cost?

For the most up to date pricing I always recommend you visit the official site (see link below) as prices may change at any time. But as a guide to the prices as they are at the time of publication of this article:

Regular Price

  • Seven Day program: $199.90
  • Five Day program: $169.90

Special Offer Price

There is currently a special offer that gives you a discount on the first week:

  • Seven Day program: $179.95
  • Five Day program: $149.95

Shipping is free and you will receive your order within 3 days. There is also a gluten free version of the diet with meal options for vegetarians and diabetics that you can choose when you customize.

You can visit the official website and get started right away by clicking your mouse or tapping on the link below:


Pick your meals and get free shipping today!
$19.95 value, use code: StartNow

PS: If you’re still undecided, you probably need more information to help you decide. Click on the advertising banner above and find out more about this effective and convenient diet program.