Soda is Bad for You and Your Weight Loss Effort

In the last post here at Weight Loss Tips, I looked at the ethics of the whole weight loss industry and where it was taking us in terms of health and fitness as well as the advertising that bombards us every day to get thinner and lose weight.

This time out, I think its just as important to keep up with the important things that go along with health and living a clean lifestyle and one of these is keeping a pretty close eye on exactly what we eat and drink. The emphasis, you will no doubt have already gleaned is on what we drink for this post!

So its with a steely eye and an acid tongue that I write these words:

Soda is Bad for You!

Yes folks, those seemingly harmless cans of fizzy, sugary, flavoursome liquid that we all love to swallow ice cold, well, they’re not just bad for you, they will make you fat! Ok, I use the term that is totally not politically correct to use because let’s face it, people are so apathetic when hit with “nice” terms for things, like “Oh, she’s getting a little larger…” or “He could do with losing a little weight there”

Come on, who takes any notice of that crap? Tell them to their face. “Hey, you’re fat dude!”

It makes people wake up and if it hurts their feelings, then so it should do! If hurt feelings is what it takes to get a person to look objectively at their state of health and fitness and to look in the mirror and see an overweight person staring back at them, then its got to be better than wrapping them up ion cotton wool and letting them eat themselves top death!

So yes, drinking soda makes you FAT.

If you want to know what that is, read the label on the can. Soda drinks contain a ton of sugar disguised as either fructose, sucrose, dextrose, corn syrup or any one of a dozen other names. All that sugar is bad for you because it floods your bloodstream raising your blood sugar count drastically, which triggers a response of insulin to try and restore the balance. Keep doing that and you could be facing type II diabetes before too long.

“But hey, I only drink sugar free soda…”

Don’t think that gets you off the hook. Sugar free soda contains artificial sweeteners that are even worse for you than the damn sugar. They don’t directly cause weight gain, but things like aspartame trick your brain into thinking you’re hungry, so you eat more and gain weight that way. Whichever way you look at it then, you can now see why drinking soda hampers weight loss and the reasons this is true.

So if you really want to lose weight and you’re serious about it, ditch the soda altogether and switch to pure water flavoured with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice and chill it in the fridge. Its really thirst quenching, has zero calories, zero harmful additives and will help you to lose weight safely and naturally!

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