Swimming for Weight Loss

Come on, you can’t tell me that you never thought of going for a swim to lose some weight? If not, why not? Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and by that I don’t mean going to the local pool with some friends and just splashing around at the shallow end or laying back and chilling out until your skin looks like that of a prune. I mean actually swimming up and down the length of the pool several times and then chilling out!

Its important that you do both when you go to a pool with the intention of using the time to exercise and lose weight. The idea is to enjoy the time you are in the pool as well as get some serious work done on your body. That’s because when you enjoy doing something, you are much more likely to want to return as soon as you can to do it again!

Swimming on a daily basis will not only get your weight down but it will also tone up your body overall and bring you that slim, lithe and trim figure that you always dreamed of and its so easy to do when you are doing something that you really enjoy doing!

So next time you are racking your brains for a way to lose some of the excess weight and try and get your body looking good for the summer bikini, think of the local pool! That’s because swimming for fitness and weight loss is the perfect answer to all of your questions all at once! So don’t just sit around there dreaming about it, get your swimsuit out of mothballs and head off to the pool for some fun and pleasurable weight loss exercise that works and works better than most anything else you can possibly think of.

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  1. I agree that swimming is a great way to lose weight and stay fit. I swim five times every week at our local pool with some friends and even though we are all in our 60s, we get a lot of enjoyment from it while keeping ourselfs busy. Much better than sitting indoors by the TV vegetating and waiting to die!

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