This may sound like a totally obvious statement, but your health affects your weight in more ways than you might even realize. Sure its patently obvious that if you eat too much of the wrong foods, your health will take a nosedive while your weight will go up. There’s not much arguing over that point. But there is a little more to it and that is what this article will cover here.

Eating the wrong foods and getting little or no exercise is a recipe for disaster with respect to your health. I think we can all agree with that point. But there are degrees within that statement that can alter your health and body weight.

You can eat a proportion of your total intake of food and drinks that is very unhealthy, while the rest is made up of healthy foods and you may only get a small decline in health, caused generally by the additives, trans and saturated fats, salt and sugar content of the “bad” foods, while the high level of essential nutrients and good fats, fiber and proteins in the healthy foods counterbalance the bad stuff up to a point and promote your health, leading to the slight decline only being caused by and in proportion to the level of the “bad” foods and additives that you are consuming.

This can be further modified by throwing some daily form of exercise into the mix. When you get sufficient exercise, even if you eat a proportion of your diet that is made up of “bad” foods, as long as there are sufficient nutrients and “good” foods in there, you can actually improve your health and reverse any weight gain tendencies.

Now that doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to go for that 10 mile run every day then get home and pig out on fried foods, burgers, pizza and cream cakes, all washed down with a gallon of soda! You have to exercise some common sense when it comes to food while you are exercising your body.

Sure, you can be more relaxed about your diet as long as you are getting plenty of exercise of the right kind to keep you in the peak of physical fitness. But it is still sensible to make sure that the predominant proportion of the food you eat is made up of healthy foods so that not only does the exercise keep you fit and at the right weight, but the fuel you feed your body with is of the right mixture to ensure that it stays healthy from within while you look good from the outside.

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