How Important is Portion Control?

With any good diet designed to help you lose weight, there will be an aspect of portion control in place to make sure that the dieter doesn’t eat too much at any one meal sitting. This is very important to the success of the diet as the calorie count of each meal will count towards the daily total and an exact balance will need to be observed if weight loss is to occur.

The most successful way to view this is to take a common sense approach to the way that you eat.

The Right Amount of the Right Food

If you read into the diet basics with regards the amount of food and not just the type of food that you are allowed to eat in any one day, it will become quite obvious that eating a controlled amount of food is every bit as vital to the diet’s ability to cause a person to lose weight as the individual ingredients contained in each meal. Of course you could take that idea to extremes and argue that you are better off eating a 10oz slice of pie than a 20oz pile of steaming vegetables, but that wouldn’t really work to your advantage!

The trick to working with a controlled amount of food for each meal is to ensure that the nutritional value of the individual ingredients balances out to create a nutritionally balanced meal without going over a set volume or weight limit. This is easy to do when you own a good set of digital kitchen scales, or if you are not comfortable working in a kitchen, then employing a diet meal delivery service such as Jenny Craig or Medifast to do all that work for you will result in the same level of exactness with regards to food portion control.

Working Toward the Right Result

The end result of any diet is that the dieter loses weight. That result is brought about by creating a negative calorie balance in the dieter while also educating their stomach to become used to accepting less food while still feeling satisfied after every meal.

This only happens over time, which is perfect for most diets that span two months or more. So if you are keen to lose weight and are happy to do it gradually rather than fast and furiously, you will find that controlling your portion sizes will have a very beneficial effect in the long term while helping you to maintain your new slimmer figure long after you stop the diet meals.