Losing Weight Can Improve Health

Your health is very important to you and allowing it to suffer because of bad diet and lifestyle choices is foolish, especially when you consider the potential consequences. Allowing yourself to become overweight or even obese comes with a very risky set of baggage that you may not be too happy about once you realize what it consists of!

There are many really good reasons for losing weight for promoting better health, but probably the most important of all of them is all about protecting that most vital of your organs, your heart! When you are overweight your body stores a lot of excess fat and most people don’t really give it too much thought after the fact that it can look unsightly and it means you can’t get into smaller sized clothes.

But when you think that those fat cells are living cells that your body has to tend to by supplying them with blood, then you can see that the more you have, the harder the heart has to work to pump the blood around your bloated body!

This in itself is not so much of a hardship as your heart is extremely strong and is capable of managing the extra flow. But problems arise in relation to being overweight where you may also have greater levels of bad LDL cholesterol flowing through that blood along with high levels of triglycerides and these can cause more problems for your heart.

The increased flow that it has to cope with is impaired by the presence of these fats in your bloodstream and it is these that cause your arteries to clog up. If the blockage happens near to the heart itself, then the risk of cardiovascular disease increases greatly and if the blockage moves into the heart itself, a coronary (heart attack) may result.

There are other health problems associated with being overweight, especially when a bad diet is the cause. Eating foods and drinking drinks such as soda containing high levels of sugar (sucrose) causes extreme rushed of sugars in the bloodstream which the body counters with an equally extreme rush of insulin.

The insulin carries the excess sugars out of the bloodstream to be processed by the body into fat and stored in those much maligned fat cells. Worse is the favored resting place of that excess fat is around the abdomen, often referred to as “belly fat” or more correctly, visceral fat.

This can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes as well as bring on a whole host of related conditions, so it is best avoided by being careful about what you eat and drink! If you are overweight, then consider losing weight as a matter of importance.

So you see it really pays to not be overweight and to be very aware of how your body weight can affect your health in many ways. Keeping yourself fit and at your correct weight is more important than many realize but is something that should be considered very seriously.