Losing Weight Through Motivation

One of the really important things to know when it comes to weight loss is that what is going on inside your head can really influence how successful you are at firstly, sticking to your diet or exercise plan and secondly, achieving the goals you set for yourself. Its all about motivation and how much of that valuable commodity you have flowing through your veins which will determine the level of your success.

Losing weight through motivation alone is possible but only in a small percentage of cases. you need to combine different aspects of the whole body and mind and get them all working together for this stuff to really kick in and work. You need a good diet, certainly as this is the building block of the whole process. Then you need to exercise to get your body moving and your metabolism doing its job to burn the excess calories as energy. And to get those two aspects of weight loss into shape, you need the motivation to carry them through.

The power of the mind is barely touched upon when most people get into the process of losing some of their excess weight and that’s a shame. because the mind controls what the body is doing, whether you are thinking about it or not and it is the mind that ultimately decides whether you succeed or fail.

If you are not motivated to lose weight, then all the dieting in the world will not work for you because you will not be all there mentally for your body to make the best it can of that diet. Being uninterested, demotivated and simply uncaring places you in that negative frame of mind that sets your bodily processes up to slow right down when food is restricted so even though you may be taking in fewer calories, you burn fewer calories to match. Being negative when it comes to exercising will reduce the effectiveness of the exercises and your body will not perform well, using less energy to do the tasks you give it and therefore burning fewer calories.

But when you are motivated, positive and excited about losing weight, the whole process gets a boost. Your diet works better because your enthusiasm lifts your metabolism to burn more calories. Likewise, enthusiastically exercising will pay dividends in far more energy being used and more calories burned, forcing your body to use up its store of fat faster.

So it makes good sense to go into your own plan for reducing your weight with a positive, enthusiastic and happy frame of mind. These qualities will create that aura that will enable you to much more effectively lose weight through motivation and give you every chance at not only success, but a resounding success at that.