Nutrisystem Reviews 2018 Update

It’s a well known thing that Nutrisystem reviews help lots of people who are thinking of trying to lose weight by using this popular and long time product. Here we take a look at some of the program’s several advantages and disadvantages in order to bring you an unbiased view on just how Nutrisystem works and how it can possibly help you in many ways to lose weight by creating a definite shift in your diet.

But first, it’s time for an update. A lot has happened since this review was first written and it makes good sense to bring you the most up-to-date information to help you make an informed decision as to whether this is the right dieting program for you.

Latest Update for Nutrisystem in 2018

In a flurry of media activity containing stern government warnings, the overweight and obese of this country are being told in no uncertain terms they must get into shape because if they don’t, their health is at risk!

If you are worried about your size or if you just want to look better in a slimmer figure, the time is right to get started on a serious diet. But which one to choose?

Nutrisystem is well known as a convenient dieting program that does almost everything for you to help you shed those excess pounds of fat aside from eating the food for you! Your meals are shipped to you in convenient individual packages so all you have to do is open one up, heat it in a microwave (if necessary) and sit down to a really good, nutritious low calorie meal that will definitely help you shift those unwanted pounds if you stick to it.

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Marie Osmond remains as the famed celebrity face of Nutrisystem to lead the media promotion of the company and its popular and effective home delivery diet program. It has been revamped and improved in many areas. With better food, more meal choice than ever before, new desserts and additional protein shakes to make it one of the best meal plans ever!

Yet the price has been kept low and affordable so that more people than ever can try the program and stay within their budgets. Making this the best time ever to take up the company on their generous claim of losing up to 5 pounds in the first week!

Now onto the basics of the program:

The Review

The first thing you need to know about Nutrisystem is that the whole system is based on providing you with their own, ready prepared meals to replace the meals you would normally have. Nutrisystem meals are balanced and contain all the nutrients that your body needs to maintain good health as well as being low in calories to help you to lose weight.

You might take possession of the food package and on opening it might find the meals a little on the small side. This is normal as you are supposed to be losing weight, meaning you really ought to get used to eating less! But if it really is a struggle to get used to the smaller meals, you can get some fresh vegetables to accompany the Nutrisystem meals by their own recommendation in order to bulk them out. This will save you feeling hungry sooner than you would like after eating one of the basic meals.

This can be seen as a disadvantage to the system, because people are often too lazy to bother with that extra step and then complain when they feel hungry well before its time to eat the next meal. The result can lead to snacking on junk foods or snacks like potato chips or cakes or biscuits, which totally negate the diet’s benefits and you won’t lose any weight. Better to drink a glass or two of plain water before each meal. That will make you feel fuller, sooner and satisfy your appetite as well.

Does Nutrisysten Cause Gas?

Some of the food that makes up the ready meals has been reported by some customers as producing flatulence (or gas). This is especially so in those who have been used to a really bad diet of junk food.

The main reason for this is that their bodies simply need to adjust to digesting good healthy food and this produces gas. The best way to get past this is to not let it get you down, but just accept it as your body doing what it’s designed to do.

The Benefits of a Nutrisystem Diet

The positive benefits of being on this particular dieting program are mostly well known, but here are some of the main ones just to make sure you didn’t miss any.

  • There are several different diet plans to choose from depending upon your personal needs. There are different main plans for men and women and these are further individualized with plans for diabetics (Nutrisysten D) and vegetarians with meal options for those with special needs such as gluten intolerant customers for example. There is also an all-frozen meal plan called “Uniquely Yours” if you prefer this kind of high quality menu.
  • All meal plans are customizable by the customer to suit your own tastes and needs in the Core and Uniquely Yours plans
  • Meals are delivered to your home. No need to go to the store to buy food unless you want to add to the meals according to recommendations by the company
  • The meals are easy to prepare: Just take them out of their packages, or the freezer in the case of frozen meals and pop them into the microwave if they need heating up, or follow the instructions on the package
  • Low price when you opt for auto-delivery* with menus costing under $10 a day

The cost is something that might seem like an obstacle to some folks, but when you offset that against what you’d normally spend on the equivalent number of meals in a month, it actually works out pretty cheap for losing weight! So make sure that you do your sums first and see how much the real cost would be.

Then you can look at that in terms of you losing weight and improving your heath and you’ll see where the true advantage of this system lies. Further information may be found by clicking the long, narrow image banner at the top right of this page.

Additional resource: There is a highly detailed reviews article on Nutrisystem here: that also contains hundreds of customer reviews and comments.

Disclaimer: The author, a qualified nutritionist, is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem Inc.

*Auto-delivery is a system that automatically dispatches subsequent four-weekly packages of meals with delivery to coincide with you completing the current four week package. You must accept at least one auto-delivered package before you decide to cancel for any reason. If you cancel early and try to pay for only a single month, you may be liable to an additional charge levied on your credit card for the discount you got on your first month plus delivery charge. Please read the terms printed at the foot of the official Nutrisystem website homepage for more details.