Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick weight loss tips are often to be avoided as they usually involve costly surgery or dangerous starvation diets that can play havoc with a person’s health in general. My last post looked at working with the right foods to ensure a constant and sage amount of weight loss. This time around I’ll look at some of the quick weight loss tips that are around and just how safe they are to be using.


Surgery is the ultimate quick weight loss method that is both costly and drastic. For some people who are so overweight that their condition itself can be supposed to be life threatening, then surgery can be the only way of staving of the inevitable, which is a case of having eaten yourself practically to death. This is where certain rapid tips for losing weight can be possible life savers, while you can make use of these five astounding weight loss facts to help you understand the whole process a lot better.

There are different forms of surgery such as stomach stapling and reductions which severely limit the amount of food a person can eat. This is used as a last resort when all other methods to lose weight have failed, or the person is a compulsive eater that simply cannot stop themselves. This surgical routine has a good success rate, however there have been cases where the person has still tried to eat too much and cause the staples to rupture, leading to severe internal bleeding and death.

Another form of surgery which has been in the spotlight in recent years is liposuction. This horrendous procedure literally sucks the excess fat cells out of your body like a vacuum cleaner sucks debris out of an old sofa. This is more cosmetic surgery than a true life saving medical procedure and can have remarkably quick weight loss results. The usual downside to this is swelling and bruising around the areas where the fact cells were removed. There have also been documented cases of over zealous cosmetic surgeons removing too much or damaging surrounding tissue such as muscle tissue, blood vessels and even arteries have been ruptured by this procedure.

There are better ways to lose weight without going to either of these extremes, but if you want to do it quickly, there are really no truly safe ways. Now let’s look at some of  the non-surgical methods of rapid weight loss.

Crash Diet

Crash diets or starvation diets are really desperate attempts to lose weight fast without taking into consideration the body’s everyday needs. They involve deprivation of food and liquids in their attempt to reduce the body’s weight as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, while they do work in the short term, there is a price to pay.

As soon as you stop the crash diet and start eating normally again, your body has been in starvation mode for the duration of the diet, which means that it has slowed down its metabolic rate to compensate for the lack of food. As soon as food is reintroduced, your body starts converting it all to store-able fat in much greater quantities as it would normally. This is to avert a possible further bout of starvation, for which the body is preparing itself. The net result for you is that you will gain weight fast and end up being heavier than you were before you started the crash diet.

During that diet, you may also have done severe damage to your body by depriving it of essential vitamins and minerals. Often, the lack of liquids causes dehydration. Blood sugar levels are thrown out of kilter and diabetes could result. Hormone levels are also severely affected, leading to a whole host of problems. As this is a hot topic right now, there are some really great healthy products available to help you.

In the end, it is not worth the cost to your health to embark on any truly quick weight loss methods. They are not as fast as the above methods I’ve outlined, but they’re easy to do and safe to follow and will result in a more steady weight loss, which is safer and infinitely more healthy.

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