Separating Men and Women

While the basics of losing weight applies to every living human, there are some things that need to be compartmentalized when it comes to the sexes. This is mainly because men and women lose weight at different rates and some of the methods that exist work better for men while other methods work better for women. In other words, while weight loss as a whole is the same for everyone, its several aspects are different depending on who it is that is trying to lose weight.

Then it comes to losing weight for women, there is usually a greater emphasis placed on a more calorie restrictive diet and lighter exercise than on heavier exercise and a not so restrictive diet for men. That is because men with their generally greater muscle strength respond better to heavier weights and greater resistance training than women. On the other hand women respond better to lighter weights and resistance with more emphasis placed on greater repetitions and aerobic exercises.

That’s not to say that everyone will even fit nicely into these particular pigeon holes as each individual will have their own best ways of working to lose weight.

It is just a given that most men will tend to want to workout harder and strive to lift heavier weights, pump more iron and generally push themselves harder in the physical realms than do most women. Of course, taking it to extremes such as bodybuilding, then women will tend to work just as hard as men with weights and resistance training while also adopting similar high protein, low carb diets to grow muscle mass and cut fat.

But for most people who are not so interested in developing very muscular bodies, it falls back to eating a diet with a relative calorie count that will be different for men and women, while adopting an exercise plan that is tailored to best suit the masculine or feminine physique and work towards achieving the best physical appearance that is suited to the sex. So while the two can overlap and even work with each others’ weight control solutions, there is a difference between the two and accepting and observing the obvious differences will result in the most effective ways of achieving the results that are aimed for.